Saturday, December 4, 2010

This is a week of learning

Lesson 1:

Before an interview take off the three month old nail polish off your fingers.

Lesson 2:

Never buy dress clothes (for interviews) with your mother because you are guaranteed to be uncomfortable. This is a great way to be incredibly uncomfortable for your interview.

Lessons 3:

Consider the background of the people you take advice from. For example when going to an interview and asking your boyfriends (whom you love very much) if you should bring an art portfolio and he says no but later reminds you that he has only been interviewed four times before (none require a resume). Bring your portfolio!

Lesson 4:

This one is the most important one you are to blame for you bumbling interview. Next time a ton more research is in order, paired up with practice for your interview.

Luckily my interviewers were merciful and offered to allow me to return Thursday to show some of my art work to be put in a… How did she put a prospects file. So it could be a great beginning. She does own another paper in Johnson County. It was somewhat of a disappointing experience they told me no way in 10 minutes(after they seemed to hit it off with the interviewee before me). They explained that this was a superiority position and I needed to find an entry level position (which is what I thought this was). I hope that round two is better.

Step 1:

Make a kick ass portfolio. Show casing what you have spent four years learning about.

Step 2:

Find something comfortable and professional to wear.

Step 3:

Practice what you are going to say with each piece.

Step 4:

Call the Miami County Republic and confirm appointment.

Step 5

Reschedule Thursday clients.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Other Peoples Stories

I use to love writing stories when I was younger. Though I had a problem with the whole finishing part.
This is something I've been thinking about revisiting this form of creativity. It can be an outlet and it may also give me some inspiration to illustrate and add to my portfolio.
The stories were either fancy lives for I could insert myself into or now and then lives I imagine strangers had.
Now and then when I take a moment and look at the people around me I always wonder what brought them to this location at this specific moment. Not only that they where heading to a get a cup of coffee but what turns in their life brought them to same place I am. These things cross my mind when I'm alone in a crowd and when I'm driving somewhere.
Just a thought...

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm now kind of sort of a quilter!

I joined the local quilting guild! YAY! So I have been look at lots of quilting books! I found one called Whip it Mini Quilts. If any1 knows me they know that I can't follow instructions I have to alter it some how... I think I am going to use there two mini...
Sort of. You will see later!

The grand canyon is looking good again!

I'm starting to think that my current work environment is rubbing off on me! It is starting to seem more possible to live on the moon then move to Baltimore... I have the economy against me, my low self esteem, my inability to find a ... "Nitch" that my work fits in or in a market for my work...
In short. I would really like to just move out there but even if I do get an interview I can't afford to fly/drive out there for any interview. I'm living pay check to pay check...

My hope/plan with Miller's was to work seasonally with them and if I was good enough I'd stay and work my way up.

Or I would work til X mas go on unemployment (maybe) and see if I could stay with my Uncle Bill in Denver, CO and search out opportunities there

(note to self write my Uncle)...

But yet I am still in Pittsburg...

With Mental Health...

Luckily I have Dustin!

Who is one good thing I have here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I think I'm...

So as of late I have been feeling restless. Mainly due to the fact that since graduation I have lost a great source for meeting people and with my job I really don't have a lot of co worker interactions. To be honest three days ago I considered giving my two weeks notice and see if I could move in with my mother just to finally make a change in my life.
Then I came to the conclusion that I kind of sort of love my boyfriend and running away could effect our relationship. Then I started to get that feeling the one I get that tells me to get all my cash and drive to the grand canyon. This wouldn't be wise with
A) my funds are very low.
B) I don't think my car will make there and back and
C) It is just plain crazy!
So I'm trying to find a outlet for this crazy is to bleached my hair because my hair is a variable I can control.
So we shall see if it will help?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok I did it again! Urg I'm getting baby scared!
So once more I might shelf this book for a while.
I mean I am very careful but thought of producing span is one the my worst fears at this point of my life.

That's OK though!
It will give me time to read the Architecture of Happiness By Alain De Botton.

A friend of mine J.F.K. (below) has been trying to convince me to apply for the Architecture program at KU with him. I'm just a physics class short of being eligible (I think). I'm not sure if it is for me? From what I've read it is a long tuff journey to become an Architect and if I'm not sure then it would be wise to be sure. I did agree to do some reading (from the suggested reading for the program) and he lent me Architecture of Happiness to read. I think that this will help me with my final choice.
I mean I enjoy observing architecture if you see any photos from vacations there are always loads of pics of buildings.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gamer Review

Disclaimer: I wrote this when the movie came out on DVD but for some reason never published it?

I've heard a lot of bad reviews for Gamer. Personally I really enjoyed the premise of the movie but it did got a little slow in the middle. I don't know how it could be "fixed" and everything in the movie was import to the plot. I really couldn't see cutting anything out?
Back to the positives though! I found the modern thirst for blood and the dis regrade for human life fascinating . It is really a modern day gladiator. Also I really like the Gamers evolution of avatars.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Since You've Been Gone...

Ever since I graduated I only seem to be dwelling on the negative!
Well one positive out come has been that I have had a lot more time to read! This has even lead me to join a small book club with a friend of mine lovely known as the PaperSluts! We are a paperback exclusive club book lol. Our first book was Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Which was amazing! I suggest this book if you enjoy fantasy novels! He created a truly fascinating world and society! Believe me it's a must read.
I'm ready to read the next one The Well of Ascension but due to limited funds I am unable to afford it right now and the library doesn't have it.
So I have decided to work my way through some unfinished books and I have many books in that category right now. One or should I say three I have burned through recently is the Death By Bikini Mysteries by Linda Gerber. This book had three books in it
Death by Bikini,
Death By Latte and
Death By Denim.They were really great mysteries once I was hooked I couldn't put this book down.
The next book on my half read pile it Bed Rest By Sarah Bilston.
To be honest I stopped reading it because it seemed like everyone around me was having babies and I felt weird and paranoid! I know it seems silly. I'm 23 and the furthest thing from my mind is having children!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainy Dazes

I had a cancellation so I have a moment to blog! Its been raining all day which is bitter sweet. The rain is soothing and cools things down but being that Pittsburg is a giant hunk of silt the water will be around long after the rain is gone!
There are two things that rain is great for is napping (which I don't really have time for & I'm not exaclty a sweet heart when I wake up) and reading!

Today I started My Life In France by Julia Child and Alex Prud'homme. I haven't gotten far but I'm sure I will enjoy hearing about Paris. Yes I'm one of them. A person who has fallen in love with the fantasy of Pairs that artist and writers created.
Well I better be off and get ready for my next client!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I got a second interview for Miller's! ... Not the beer but Miller's Professional Imaging or some may know its sisiter MPix! Its a seasonal position, I won't be guaranteed a position after December 23th-ish. though but if I am ... we will say worthy I can be put on a "call back list"? If I get the job I will be making Gallery Wraps. My hope is to work my way to something creative. YAY! I'm so excited I really need a change. I'm hoping this is a step on my creative path of a life I've been looking for!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Here's one of the gifts from Dad I've wanted on of them since I came to Pitt!

Today well now yesterday was the day! I walk across a stage got an empty case, rang a bell and am now a college grad! A new chapter has began. Ed and Mary, Chrisy and Greg, Grandpa and Grandma Tommer, Mom and Tim, Dad and Dustin were in attendance. We had a great lunch and got cards (and more) from the relatives. It was a great day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The End or Beginning?

I'm graduating... And haven't a clue what to do next? It is happening so fast. I feel a giant weight on my chest. The world is mine and I don't know what to do?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entertain me!

As my neighbors all future members of Laugna beach Kansas edition, party on it makes me think what now?
Not only in the since of graduating and entering the real world but entertainment wise? Times are changing! I'm torn on what to do for fun, I've always been a people person and am having trouble quenching that thirst as of late.
In high school I would go out with the 6. Usually dinner and a movie. I would wondered Mass Street and hit the Hookah House.
I also was extremely involoved in Venture Scouts. Here is I am at Camp Quivira for Anchors Away. I also love this because of the places I visited and the people I met!
Then freshmen year of college I drank with my room mate. After realizing I wasn't really meant to hung out with local good ol' boys at house parties and Bootleggers in Frontenac. I also run around with Jason in the middle of the night. The best part of living in the dorms was there is always something going on 24/7 and it was much easier to find a fellow nite owl (like Jason). Here is a picture from a late nite photo shot.
Then I started partying with art peps and was very happy with this. I finally found peps I could relate to! Then many of beloved friends moved to Lawrence or graduated and went on to do bigger and better things!
Sophomore year I moved into my car and then a beloved teacher gave me shelter in a building she was remodeling. It was dubbed THE BAT CAVE. Mainly because it was really cold and had no windows. I was happy to have it. Though later I moved into the office of a store due to really cold temperatures. Due to this I really didn't go out much because I was depressed and if I drank I would rant about what a burden I thought I was to my friends.
Then Jr. year I started hanging with Juan and Whit. Which I still do but I they don't really like venturing out (mainly due to $ and comfort levels). Then Senior year we got nite passes and spent many long nites in Porter Hall but this didn't really quench my social thirst.
Becky and I ran around mostly Jr. year. For the most part we drank a lot of champagne and made paper hats out of beer labels... Ahh good times. Though now she is connected at the hip to her boyfriend. Even if it takes her away from our time together if shes happy then that's more important then my entertainment... I guess (lol). Then one fateful Halloween (well half fate half Allison telling him if a cute girl talks to you, you should talk back!) I met my beloved Dustin! We used to go out more but our funds are low and he is shy so socializing isn't his forte.
So here I am setting in front of my computer... Alone... Its got me thinking, is this my own fault? I mean in Lawrence my social life was booming and many of my friends would love it if I moved back. Though I feel like I have to keep moving forward in life. I did the Lawrence thing and the Pitt thing. If I got my way I would be in Baltimore MD by July! Maybe it has to do with my current job as well. When I worked at the movie theater I met a lot more people (co worker wise) to run around with. Though looking back even if I still worked at the theater it would defiantly be ... Trouble.
I don't know what to do anymore!
Well until next time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Rhona Shand in front of an inflatable DEER!

I'm have been very lucky to have Rhona Shand as a teacher for the past four years. Yesterday she decided to have class outside. Which was amazing it was warm and sunny. During this class we decided to talk about the G word! GRADUATION! This has been the source of almost all my stress! The world is a terrifying place right now! The world is open to me and feel like Pittsburg is trying to suck me in! I have enjoyed Pittsburg but I feel like I have spent what time I need to spend here. It is time to move on.
The answer I feel right now is Baltimore! It seems to be a beautiful city, rich with history. Also it is easy to go to N.Y.C. and D.C.
Rhona has really helped me understand that the world is mine and I can do what I please!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here she is trying to pack herself when I was heading back to P.S.U. Sophomore year.

My beloved dog has been away from me for 4 long years, due to college. Freshman year it was required to live in the dorms. Sophomore, year I lived in my car and could barely take care of myself! Junior and senior year I moved in a apartment that didn't allow pets!

The requirement of the next is that they allow PETS or I'm not moving in!
She was born 3/21/00 so she is getting older and I'm afraid she won't be able to wait for me forever. I saw her over spring break and it was so hard to leave again! College... Dogs natural enemy!

Sugar and Spice

Natasha isn't only the only pet of mine that has suffered. I have Sugar and Spice my cats. They are still at my mothers. They have lived there for 99% of their lives, so displacing them would be cruel. Though my mother's "charming " boyfriend has convinced her to make them outside cats instead of indoor/outdoor cat like they have always been! GRRR!
Here is Lady on our drive way.

Then my mothers lowest blow was giving away my greyhound Lady! I went to college, come back a month later to learn that she put an add in the paper "free to good home" the day I moved out. When I learned about this she was on a ladder and evil thoughts rushed through my mind as LAUGHED at me! I think this one really hurt because 1. I was betrayed 2. When my parent got divorced (I was 11) they gave Lady away. She ran way from her new owners and came home. We looked in the back yard one day and saw Lady sleeping in her pin. So we decided she was ment to be with us! Where ever you are Lady I hope you are happy and well.

I realize this makes my mother sound... Terrible. I do still love her but consider no ones parents are perfect.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The winds of change are turning... Now what?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Students Learning to be Artist

I haven't posted much as of anything on this blog yet but I blame that on the combination of my last semester starting and the newest wave of family drama my baby bro has brought to our family.

Any who I've attempting to get all I can from my last semester and though I am terrified of the big world outside the haven I've made called college but I'm wondering of it will be a good thing. I feel like trapped with my art, without any room for to grow and experiment because of all the deadlines I have at school. I am required to have a style though I will change as life goes on?

Maybe I'm just getting self conscious... more self conscious.