Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quilting Needs

Urg I have been having motivational issues when it comes to setting up my sewing room at my new home.  I unpacked everything but didn't put any of it away...
Little update I guess:
I moved to a small town in western Kansas for a part time design gig at a plastic factory.  I am doing production work as well to keep up with the bills and such needs.  
It is an hour from a Walmart or theater.  
I have a lot of family in this area so that helps a lot with keep me sane!
We stayed with my grandparents for the first 5 months or so because there weren't able to find our own rental at first but finally found our own place.
 Another up side is that every Tuesday I quilt at one of the local churches.  It isn't one of my own but the church gets paid for us to hand quilt...Quilts?
I really enjoy these ladies but am worried about them finding out that I am a little weirder than they already know.
For Instance:
 I found this amazing artist Nina Paley recently who made this great piece about and would like to do something similar. 
Maybe using one these past pieces below. 
Any who we shall see if I get ran out of town on rail?
I am still very frustrated that I have still not found my audience YET!
 It this like a holy grail search to find people who enjoy and understand my work?

I think where this rant is going is I need to clean my sewing room so I express my creativity with through fabric before my head explodes...