Saturday, December 4, 2010

This is a week of learning

Lesson 1:

Before an interview take off the three month old nail polish off your fingers.

Lesson 2:

Never buy dress clothes (for interviews) with your mother because you are guaranteed to be uncomfortable. This is a great way to be incredibly uncomfortable for your interview.

Lessons 3:

Consider the background of the people you take advice from. For example when going to an interview and asking your boyfriends (whom you love very much) if you should bring an art portfolio and he says no but later reminds you that he has only been interviewed four times before (none require a resume). Bring your portfolio!

Lesson 4:

This one is the most important one you are to blame for you bumbling interview. Next time a ton more research is in order, paired up with practice for your interview.

Luckily my interviewers were merciful and offered to allow me to return Thursday to show some of my art work to be put in a… How did she put a prospects file. So it could be a great beginning. She does own another paper in Johnson County. It was somewhat of a disappointing experience they told me no way in 10 minutes(after they seemed to hit it off with the interviewee before me). They explained that this was a superiority position and I needed to find an entry level position (which is what I thought this was). I hope that round two is better.

Step 1:

Make a kick ass portfolio. Show casing what you have spent four years learning about.

Step 2:

Find something comfortable and professional to wear.

Step 3:

Practice what you are going to say with each piece.

Step 4:

Call the Miami County Republic and confirm appointment.

Step 5

Reschedule Thursday clients.

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  1. Sadly I still haven't made it back due to the holidays and then a string of random illness!