Friday, September 10, 2010

I think I'm...

So as of late I have been feeling restless. Mainly due to the fact that since graduation I have lost a great source for meeting people and with my job I really don't have a lot of co worker interactions. To be honest three days ago I considered giving my two weeks notice and see if I could move in with my mother just to finally make a change in my life.
Then I came to the conclusion that I kind of sort of love my boyfriend and running away could effect our relationship. Then I started to get that feeling the one I get that tells me to get all my cash and drive to the grand canyon. This wouldn't be wise with
A) my funds are very low.
B) I don't think my car will make there and back and
C) It is just plain crazy!
So I'm trying to find a outlet for this crazy is to bleached my hair because my hair is a variable I can control.
So we shall see if it will help?

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