Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok I did it again! Urg I'm getting baby scared!
So once more I might shelf this book for a while.
I mean I am very careful but thought of producing span is one the my worst fears at this point of my life.

That's OK though!
It will give me time to read the Architecture of Happiness By Alain De Botton.

A friend of mine J.F.K. (below) has been trying to convince me to apply for the Architecture program at KU with him. I'm just a physics class short of being eligible (I think). I'm not sure if it is for me? From what I've read it is a long tuff journey to become an Architect and if I'm not sure then it would be wise to be sure. I did agree to do some reading (from the suggested reading for the program) and he lent me Architecture of Happiness to read. I think that this will help me with my final choice.
I mean I enjoy observing architecture if you see any photos from vacations there are always loads of pics of buildings.

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