Monday, February 18, 2013

Hail No! Well Ok!

Being a good little half Catholic, I find it is sacrilege to wear a rosary as a fashion statement. 
Unless your a nun I  despise it! 
I think my strong feelings are aligned with my strong feeling for the Holy Virgin Mary.
Though I have found an acception!

It is an exciting religious fusion that I adore. 
I have always loved learning about other cultures and believes. 
 This combined with my love of fashion/accessories make it on my to buy list.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I keep my religious beliefs close to my chest.   
I grew up Catholic from my father and Methodist from my mother.  
I do have a strong belief in God but not so much in a lot of churches.
The beauty of community and unity are wonderful but they tend to be buried in internal politics.
I have been praying for a sign for many months for guidance.  
I have a few tentative plans for what to do next but nothing set in stone.
Tonight I learned that my cousin committed suicide tonight.  
This tragic has made me wonder if this is some twisted sign or brisk wake up call to the fact that I should return to mental health?  
I must say I hope not.  
It burned me out complete and consumed my life.
Am I selfish?