Friday, September 10, 2010

I think I'm...

So as of late I have been feeling restless. Mainly due to the fact that since graduation I have lost a great source for meeting people and with my job I really don't have a lot of co worker interactions. To be honest three days ago I considered giving my two weeks notice and see if I could move in with my mother just to finally make a change in my life.
Then I came to the conclusion that I kind of sort of love my boyfriend and running away could effect our relationship. Then I started to get that feeling the one I get that tells me to get all my cash and drive to the grand canyon. This wouldn't be wise with
A) my funds are very low.
B) I don't think my car will make there and back and
C) It is just plain crazy!
So I'm trying to find a outlet for this crazy is to bleached my hair because my hair is a variable I can control.
So we shall see if it will help?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok I did it again! Urg I'm getting baby scared!
So once more I might shelf this book for a while.
I mean I am very careful but thought of producing span is one the my worst fears at this point of my life.

That's OK though!
It will give me time to read the Architecture of Happiness By Alain De Botton.

A friend of mine J.F.K. (below) has been trying to convince me to apply for the Architecture program at KU with him. I'm just a physics class short of being eligible (I think). I'm not sure if it is for me? From what I've read it is a long tuff journey to become an Architect and if I'm not sure then it would be wise to be sure. I did agree to do some reading (from the suggested reading for the program) and he lent me Architecture of Happiness to read. I think that this will help me with my final choice.
I mean I enjoy observing architecture if you see any photos from vacations there are always loads of pics of buildings.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gamer Review

Disclaimer: I wrote this when the movie came out on DVD but for some reason never published it?

I've heard a lot of bad reviews for Gamer. Personally I really enjoyed the premise of the movie but it did got a little slow in the middle. I don't know how it could be "fixed" and everything in the movie was import to the plot. I really couldn't see cutting anything out?
Back to the positives though! I found the modern thirst for blood and the dis regrade for human life fascinating . It is really a modern day gladiator. Also I really like the Gamers evolution of avatars.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Since You've Been Gone...

Ever since I graduated I only seem to be dwelling on the negative!
Well one positive out come has been that I have had a lot more time to read! This has even lead me to join a small book club with a friend of mine lovely known as the PaperSluts! We are a paperback exclusive club book lol. Our first book was Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Which was amazing! I suggest this book if you enjoy fantasy novels! He created a truly fascinating world and society! Believe me it's a must read.
I'm ready to read the next one The Well of Ascension but due to limited funds I am unable to afford it right now and the library doesn't have it.
So I have decided to work my way through some unfinished books and I have many books in that category right now. One or should I say three I have burned through recently is the Death By Bikini Mysteries by Linda Gerber. This book had three books in it
Death by Bikini,
Death By Latte and
Death By Denim.They were really great mysteries once I was hooked I couldn't put this book down.
The next book on my half read pile it Bed Rest By Sarah Bilston.
To be honest I stopped reading it because it seemed like everyone around me was having babies and I felt weird and paranoid! I know it seems silly. I'm 23 and the furthest thing from my mind is having children!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainy Dazes

I had a cancellation so I have a moment to blog! Its been raining all day which is bitter sweet. The rain is soothing and cools things down but being that Pittsburg is a giant hunk of silt the water will be around long after the rain is gone!
There are two things that rain is great for is napping (which I don't really have time for & I'm not exaclty a sweet heart when I wake up) and reading!

Today I started My Life In France by Julia Child and Alex Prud'homme. I haven't gotten far but I'm sure I will enjoy hearing about Paris. Yes I'm one of them. A person who has fallen in love with the fantasy of Pairs that artist and writers created.
Well I better be off and get ready for my next client!