Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entertain me!

As my neighbors all future members of Laugna beach Kansas edition, party on it makes me think what now?
Not only in the since of graduating and entering the real world but entertainment wise? Times are changing! I'm torn on what to do for fun, I've always been a people person and am having trouble quenching that thirst as of late.
In high school I would go out with the 6. Usually dinner and a movie. I would wondered Mass Street and hit the Hookah House.
I also was extremely involoved in Venture Scouts. Here is I am at Camp Quivira for Anchors Away. I also love this because of the places I visited and the people I met!
Then freshmen year of college I drank with my room mate. After realizing I wasn't really meant to hung out with local good ol' boys at house parties and Bootleggers in Frontenac. I also run around with Jason in the middle of the night. The best part of living in the dorms was there is always something going on 24/7 and it was much easier to find a fellow nite owl (like Jason). Here is a picture from a late nite photo shot.
Then I started partying with art peps and was very happy with this. I finally found peps I could relate to! Then many of beloved friends moved to Lawrence or graduated and went on to do bigger and better things!
Sophomore year I moved into my car and then a beloved teacher gave me shelter in a building she was remodeling. It was dubbed THE BAT CAVE. Mainly because it was really cold and had no windows. I was happy to have it. Though later I moved into the office of a store due to really cold temperatures. Due to this I really didn't go out much because I was depressed and if I drank I would rant about what a burden I thought I was to my friends.
Then Jr. year I started hanging with Juan and Whit. Which I still do but I they don't really like venturing out (mainly due to $ and comfort levels). Then Senior year we got nite passes and spent many long nites in Porter Hall but this didn't really quench my social thirst.
Becky and I ran around mostly Jr. year. For the most part we drank a lot of champagne and made paper hats out of beer labels... Ahh good times. Though now she is connected at the hip to her boyfriend. Even if it takes her away from our time together if shes happy then that's more important then my entertainment... I guess (lol). Then one fateful Halloween (well half fate half Allison telling him if a cute girl talks to you, you should talk back!) I met my beloved Dustin! We used to go out more but our funds are low and he is shy so socializing isn't his forte.
So here I am setting in front of my computer... Alone... Its got me thinking, is this my own fault? I mean in Lawrence my social life was booming and many of my friends would love it if I moved back. Though I feel like I have to keep moving forward in life. I did the Lawrence thing and the Pitt thing. If I got my way I would be in Baltimore MD by July! Maybe it has to do with my current job as well. When I worked at the movie theater I met a lot more people (co worker wise) to run around with. Though looking back even if I still worked at the theater it would defiantly be ... Trouble.
I don't know what to do anymore!
Well until next time.

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