Monday, November 28, 2011


In a attempt to save myself from this pit of worthlessness and depression I call life, I have been reading this book and have gotten some great information but still need to finish it...

One thing it suggested was to chart your time to see what time you really do with it!
So I have been charting all my doings and color coded so it must be amazing.
I think I could keep doing this for a while. So lucky you get to see where my time goes...
Hulu takes a lot of the time...

Well I need to chart this blogging so until next time!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

... Life as I know It.

One of my current complaints in life is my current location of Pittsburg, KS. The boyfriend things I'm foolish because... I don't remember why but I don't agree. What the boyfriend doesn't understand my staying here is a sign of failure!
Pittsburg was and is a Pitt stop!
By staying here I haven't moved on from the chapter in my life marked
"College Life"!
I just feel paralyzed... Though my crippling depression hasn't been a great motivator.
I feel the worst for the boyfriend because he gets the "crazy bottled up Alexis."
I spend my days pushing aside my crushed hopes and dreams to help my clients
(of the mentally ill variety).
I can build their confident, relocation and convince some there is a reason to live. Then I listen to audio books between clients to keep my mind off me.
Then go home and allow an extreme range of emotion wash over me.

So I guess this is another shout out to my black hole of followers online.
Thank you for you loyalty!