Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Rhona Shand in front of an inflatable DEER!

I'm have been very lucky to have Rhona Shand as a teacher for the past four years. Yesterday she decided to have class outside. Which was amazing it was warm and sunny. During this class we decided to talk about the G word! GRADUATION! This has been the source of almost all my stress! The world is a terrifying place right now! The world is open to me and feel like Pittsburg is trying to suck me in! I have enjoyed Pittsburg but I feel like I have spent what time I need to spend here. It is time to move on.
The answer I feel right now is Baltimore! It seems to be a beautiful city, rich with history. Also it is easy to go to N.Y.C. and D.C.
Rhona has really helped me understand that the world is mine and I can do what I please!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here she is trying to pack herself when I was heading back to P.S.U. Sophomore year.

My beloved dog has been away from me for 4 long years, due to college. Freshman year it was required to live in the dorms. Sophomore, year I lived in my car and could barely take care of myself! Junior and senior year I moved in a apartment that didn't allow pets!

The requirement of the next is that they allow PETS or I'm not moving in!
She was born 3/21/00 so she is getting older and I'm afraid she won't be able to wait for me forever. I saw her over spring break and it was so hard to leave again! College... Dogs natural enemy!

Sugar and Spice

Natasha isn't only the only pet of mine that has suffered. I have Sugar and Spice my cats. They are still at my mothers. They have lived there for 99% of their lives, so displacing them would be cruel. Though my mother's "charming " boyfriend has convinced her to make them outside cats instead of indoor/outdoor cat like they have always been! GRRR!
Here is Lady on our drive way.

Then my mothers lowest blow was giving away my greyhound Lady! I went to college, come back a month later to learn that she put an add in the paper "free to good home" the day I moved out. When I learned about this she was on a ladder and evil thoughts rushed through my mind as LAUGHED at me! I think this one really hurt because 1. I was betrayed 2. When my parent got divorced (I was 11) they gave Lady away. She ran way from her new owners and came home. We looked in the back yard one day and saw Lady sleeping in her pin. So we decided she was ment to be with us! Where ever you are Lady I hope you are happy and well.

I realize this makes my mother sound... Terrible. I do still love her but consider no ones parents are perfect.