Saturday, December 10, 2011


So I was told by my boss that I have to start seeing a client that I swore I would NEVER work with again.
The original plan was if they pushed I would just quit.
I now feel this option was eliminated when my boyfriend got fired from his job (of 10 years).
I can't go into any detail about my client due to HIPAA.

I can say I AM DONE with said client!
The problem though is that if I quit I won't get any unemployment.
I don't want to anything that could result in being fired.
I have been there for 4 years in January & would feel bad and I have a clean back round thus far.
Do I give up on my personal belief & cave for the money & this hellish haven I have made.

To be honest the only thing keeping me in Pittsburg is Dustin & he has said before that the reason he stays is he was worried that he would get paid as mu ch if he left his job...
But that's out of equation.
I believe that he doesn't want to leave because this is were he ran off to make his start so he doesn't feel a need to do it again.
In short our clashing of life experience have finally clashed since he is 7 hours ahead of me.
Pittsburg is good for college and families.
I don't want children.
Pittsburg was fun when I was in college but I have graduated & it's time for life!
If I leave work I will be replaced.
If I Leave:
-Sadly I am not a snow flack my other clients won't remember me, hell some forget who I am weekly anyway.
-I won't be trapped in a profession I didn't intend to be my career
-Dustin might not come with me
-I could start anywhere

If I stay:
-I have a job
-I'm helping others
- I will compromise myself by doing something I said I wouldn't

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