Monday, December 19, 2011


I gave my two weeks notice...  Friday.  
 It was a long time coming. 
 I need to move on but two of my co workers aren't ready.  
The main reason my exit was hasten (meaning without a other position prepared)
was because they wanted me to work with someone I couldn't go back to. 
 Two co worker has offered to work with said person for me so I can stay.
I need to move on and it was hard enough  giving my notice today. 
I thought the hard part would be to tell my clients I'm leaving, I didn't bet on the staff.
I took a week of  internal searching to leave today.
The hardest part of leaving is the fact that it will cause a need for other decisions...
That I will mull over later!
I have been planing for what to do so not  fall even further into my whirl wind depression.
Honestly it is a very good thing that I was raised Catholic so exiting this world at own hand is not on the table due to the threat of eternal damnation
I'm to pretty to die!

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