Sunday, June 12, 2011

Small Still Lives

To most I am the nick nack queen! What others don't understand is that most of the items I own are more sentimental. They either are from someone I care for or remind me people or place I care about. I like to create little still lives around my home.

On my DVD player.

1. A Frog I made

2. A Flower Frog

4. Toy Gator
(I enjoy how when you place it beside Moses his dignified look seems more terrified.
I mean if you were thrown in the Nile you would have a croc complex.)
1. A plastic statue of the Virgin Mary (a woman I adore).

2. A porm crosage (my dear friend Josh Rommelfanger gave me)

3. A hula girl (from a kitch project)

4. My fathers senior picture

5.A chess piece (I think a bishop)
from a Youth Group lesson at Baldwin 1st United Methodist

6. A feather I found shortly after my dear Cal died
(His wife told me if I found any feathers it was just Cal watching over me and knowing him he has fine wings of grey feathers).

7. Two tiny owls that I got... Sometime.
I know it was a trip but it currently escapes me where I was.

8. I don't know where I found this little deer but
I just adore it and the tiny sunflower I got a craft store
(it just fit perfectly with the deer)

9. I got this tiny church in Peru.

10. A little girl I played with in Peru
(during a mission trip)
gave me this as a good bye gift.

1. A windmill I got for an art project to depict wind power.

2. A bottle of Inca Cola from Peru.
3. A Kaleidoscope my art buddy Ashley "Palomino" Powell gave me for my birthday.

4. A candle holder my Mother gave me.

5. A ceramic I painted at Sunfire Ceramics for scouts I think?

I got this in Jenks, Ok on Dustin's (my boyfriend)
I's first vacation together.

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