Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Training! Day 2

I slept amazingly last night. I have been this at piece when I went to bed! I wasn't listing or stressed. I guess I need to move into a Hampton and have someone else foot the bill To truly Align Centerrest peacefully!
I attended the first half of my case management class taught by the kiwi Paul Liddy.
Everyone was really nice and I guess learned... Something.
To start the class out we went around the room and talked about why we work in this field... Compared to everyone else I feel like a fraud. I guess I don't have the passion for my work that the others do? It makes me wonder how I fell into this work? Maybe it related to the fact that I didn't split like the others when things got hard (financially or mentally work wise).
Don't get me wrong this whole trip is a testament of their kindness. They didn't have to get use a room at the Hampton or give us a food budget (but they DID and I LOVE them for IT). They even told us to stay off the roads if its too bad tomorrow.
I might be projecting my feelings of not belonging on my class mates.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Isn't that what life is finding some place to belong?

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