Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

This past year has brought a lot of changes:
I left mental health and took up a position at a factory doing a lot of production and a little design work.  
This also brought a 396 mile move that not only tested my nerves but my relationship. 
Luckily mt beloved came with me!
I am not the world renowned designer I dreamed I would be (yet) but I have some glimmering of hope so we shall see where my life will take me. 
The upside of my move is I am in the same town as a lot of my family
 (grandparents, brother, aunt, uncles and tons of cousins).  
I have watched there goings  from afar in the past but it has been terribly different to be apart of it all.
I have also found a group of quilters at a local church every 
Tuesday which I enjoy but I think know they think I am strange but that seems to be the general thought of this rural community. 
I see my stay here as a stepping stone but an important part of the foundation.

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