Thursday, November 24, 2011

... Life as I know It.

One of my current complaints in life is my current location of Pittsburg, KS. The boyfriend things I'm foolish because... I don't remember why but I don't agree. What the boyfriend doesn't understand my staying here is a sign of failure!
Pittsburg was and is a Pitt stop!
By staying here I haven't moved on from the chapter in my life marked
"College Life"!
I just feel paralyzed... Though my crippling depression hasn't been a great motivator.
I feel the worst for the boyfriend because he gets the "crazy bottled up Alexis."
I spend my days pushing aside my crushed hopes and dreams to help my clients
(of the mentally ill variety).
I can build their confident, relocation and convince some there is a reason to live. Then I listen to audio books between clients to keep my mind off me.
Then go home and allow an extreme range of emotion wash over me.

So I guess this is another shout out to my black hole of followers online.
Thank you for you loyalty!

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